NEW SONG: Red Cell – Taking Back The Crown

Red Cell (Stefan Aronsson, Jimmy Jönsson and Per Linnerblad) has with their two previous albums “Hybrid Society” (2005) and “Lead Or Follow” (2008) established themselves as a strong force within the Swedish electronic scene. Now they are finally back with brand new material showing a more mature poporiented sound that will not only keep all their old fans happy but for sure find them new.

AUDIO ART: FAP – Stilett i sanden

Stefan Aronsson and Jens Eriksson joined together as FAP in 2004 and began their playful electronic operation in the small steel-producing town of Sandviken in northern Sweden, After a couple of formative years, the duo released their debut LP Malekasino Dondolo in 2006 which was nominated for an independent Grammy in Sweden the following year.
FAP has also exhibited both video and audio installations which have explored in depth the group’s sonic and visual world. Their audio installation Ljudmusik had its first performance in Gävle in 2006 was also exhibited in Lund the following year.

“Stilett i sanden” is the new track from FAP, after seven years of silence.